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Exclusive Membership Privileges and Benefits

The Southeast Asia Female Entrepreneurs Club, a Singapore-based organization with a focus on female business leaders in Southeast Asia and the Asia Pacific region, was founded in 2018. Our mission is to promote the female entrepreneurship and to increase female entrepreneurs’ effects on business.

We strive to promote economic exchanges among Singapore, Southeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific region, and to draw small and medium-sized enterprises together to achieve resource sharing and exchange of opportunities. The SEAFE Club has a membership network from a wide spectrum of trades and industries. These members together provide vast resources and opportunities which enable the SEAFE Club to develop an influential global business network for business development.

In return, they share a strong sense of pride and identity together and benefit immensely from the SEAFE Club’s membership services and activities mentioned below:

Representation of
Members’ Interests

With its established and close relationships with local and foreign trade agencies, the SEAFE Club will update matters affecting its members and the business community timely.

Exclusive Social/Recreational/
Cultural/Educational Events

The SEAFE Club organizes regular members’ gatherings and special functions in conjunction with festive seasons to allow its member to enjoy camaraderie within a relaxed atmosphere.

Free Listing on
SEAFE Club Website

Members of the SEAFE Club are listed in the SEAFE Club website, enjoying free publicity online.

Monthly Events Updates
(First-hand Information Service)

Monthly e-calendars of activities are sent to all members, enabling them to obtain first-hand information on forthcoming events.

A Platform to Communicate with Overseas Businessmen &
Latest Business News and Reports

Members are given ample opportunities to network and establish business contacts with the overseas businessmen to get the latest business news and reports.

Members also receive exclusive invitations to participate in multiple international business conferences and overseas missions.

Members’ Benefits and
Services in Brief

Preferential fees for participation in SEAFE Club’s events

Preferential rates for the purchase of SEAFE Club’s publication and placing advertisements in our publications

Preferential rates for use of Business Network services

Priority invitation for participation in product exhibitions, trade fairs, events and gala dinner

Many Business Events at Affordable Charges

The SEAFE Club conducts talks, seminars, trainings, workshops, interest groups (which are set up to allow members to share and pursue their common interests) every month. Priority invitations and concession rates are extended to members to attend these events.