SEA Outstanding Female Contribution Award

Wang  AiXin

Deputy General Manager,Singapore International Travel Service Pte Ltd

SEA Star Female Entrepreneurs Award

Cindy Ong

Senior Investor/ Entrepreneur 

BSFIT(S)  Holding  Pte .Ltd. General  Manager

Ogano lifestyle Pte Ltd General  Manager

Jennifer Wang

Nature’s Farm COO

Jovien Chua

Fengshui/Tarot/Chinese Zodiac Specialist

HOUSE  OF ORA General Manager 

Senior Astrologer


Li Na

Sense Spa Studio Pte Ltd CEO

International Skincare Specialist

International Beauty Training Insructor

International Beauty Consultant

International Beauty Stylist

Korea Semi-Permanent Makeup Consultant

SEA Outstanding Small and Medium Entrepreneur Award

Wendy Lee

Moonliaght Joaillerie Pte Ltd (Private Jewellery)  Founder

RMIT University Master in Finance

Niki Han

Nimisski International Pte Ltd Founder,Owner-Principal&Designer

Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry

ScoutSG Director

Graduated from Raffles Desgin Institute

Yang  Hainan

Fujian Kang Duo Fu Development Company Limited(General Manager)

Asian famous female health educator

Overseas celebrities’ health management consultant

Winner of “Malaysia” Health Management Director Award in 2015