About Concepts

Southeast Asia
Female Entrepreneurs Club

In 2019, SEAFE Club was established in Singapore to advance female entrepreneurs from Southeast Asia through platform such as high-end social networking, digital marketing, ecommerce and media to assist small and medium sized entrepreneurs enhance their performance, create and develop their personal branding while incorporate to achieve entrepreneur dream.


In terms of ideology, we put forward the concept of “female economy”, advocated the idea of Female Humanitas and the culture of gender harmony. The annual Southeast Asia Female Entrepreneurs Awards has become a major event among female entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia.

In terms of workflow, we have issued the digital magazine “We Talk”, which is a monthly business financial magazine showing the economic life of female entrepreneurs. Additionally, a series of activities that benefit the career, family and healthy lifestyle of the member will be held. There will be lectures on topics like “Business law for female entrepreneurs”, “Jewellery Appreciation and Investment”, “Beauty and Fitness”, “Healthcare Tips” and etc.